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What is Food Neutrality and why does it matter with Food Freedom?

Can ALL foods really be EQUAL?

Food Freedom and Intuitive Eating are rooted in your ability to have a neutral relationship with food, but for someone who has been taught for many years that food ISN'T equal, how do you get to the point?

For some women, the idea of an apple and a cupcake being equal. feels unattainable- and we get it! Nutritionally, the are NOT equal, but that is not what food neutrality means.

Food neutrality is the all foods are morally equal. Meaning, you don't feel any guilt or shame eating an apple OR a cupcake.

Why does food neutrality matter?

When food isn't morally equal, the cupcake is viewed as "bad"/ "unhealthy" or something that you shouldn't be eating. And those negative thoughts about the cupcake is what makes it more desirable than the apple.

Because as humans, we have this funny thing about being told what to do and what not to do.... so when we think we can't do something - our inner toddler/rebel comes out and guess what we want: THE CUPCAKE.

Even if it's not the flavour you love.

Even if you are hungry for it.

Even if you don't like cupcakes very much.

You are driven to eat it out of rebellion, scarcity and hyper-desire.... all the thing that are rooted in the food not being morally equal.

How do you make food neutral?

We teach our clients to neutralize food through a 3 step process:

Identify, pause, neutralize.

Identify: negative food thoughts run deep in your subconscious brain and often you might not even notice then happening. In order to change those thoughts, you need to notice them!

Pause: a simple, yet highly effective tool. Creating a pause is about not letting that negative thought come to fruition, to stop it in its tracks. Creating pause is what allows you to weaken that neuropathway on your brain that has been running in the background. Every time you pause you weaken that connection.

Neutralize: create a new neuropathway by changing how you think about the food. The more you change your thinking, the quicker the new connection is made!

Tell me more about this!

We love talking about how your thinking effects your eating, so we dove deep into this topic on our latest Podcast episode.

Watch the podcast episode here:

Food neutrality could be the missing key in your Food Freedom and Intuitive Eating journey!

It's SO important that it is the FIRST thing we tackle with our clients!

If you want help with this process so that you can achieve Food Freedom faster, easier and without gaining a ton of weight in the process, join our Food Freedom Membership for step by step support!

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