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Gaining Weight at the start of your Food Freedom (intuitive eating) journey?

Here is what you need to know!

Are you experiencing some weight gain now that you are no longer dieting or using food rules to control your intake?

Is this weight gain making you nervous? Scared? Or maybe even making you second guess WHY you decided to learn Food Freedom & Intuitive Eating?

We get it. Weight scary is scary as F. Especially if you have been trying NOT to gain weight most of your adult life.

BUT what if that weight gain was only a fraction, a drop in the ocean of what your life will look like with Food Freedom?

The is what form most women it is, it is just a part of the journey but not the outcome. And if they never pushed through that uncomfortableness of that initial weight gain, they would have never reached the end where they are at their natural weight, eating whatever they want without any worry!

So think about it this way: Food Freedom is like climbing a hill. On the way up you need to learn the skills, and maybe- gain a bit of weight as your body recovers and heals from years of dieting.

And giving yourself the permission to do this allows you to climb that hill faster.

Soon you will reach the top and that is when the true transformation happens, food loses it power over you, over eating stops, cravings diminish, you eat for true hunger AND you effortless stop eating when you are full.

So the journey down the hill, the easy part, to Food Freedom starts.

Your metabolism heals and ramps back up, you are eating for true hunger fullness and you are craving a variety of foods (aka fruits and veggies). Your body is heading to your natural weight.

And soon you reach the bottom of the hill... Food Freedom!

All because you trusted the process, jumped 2 feet in and let that little bit of weight gain happen.

Even though it was scary.

It starts with putting the fear of weight gain on the back burner and reframe your thoughts on what the weight gain means.

Learn how to do this in this Podcast episode:

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