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Becoming the Kind of Person Who Doesn't Want Dessert ALL the Time

How do I stop wanting dessert ALL of the time? How do I become the kind of person who doesn't want dessert? Why do I always want the cake when some people so easily pass it up? These are all questions we get from our clients before they start working with us.

In today's post and PODCAST discussion we chat about if you're still wanting the dessert ALL the time then this isn't proper FOOD FREEDOM and you may be lacking some Intuitive Eating skills. But don't worry - that's why we're here.

For so many years I was convinced I would never be the kind of person who would pass on dessert. I just WANTED it any opportunity presented.

Then as I became someone who controlled or restricted my intake (because if I didn't then I would overeat or want way to much of the less healthy stuff) I would will power my way out of having dessert - but this took SO much mental effort, sacrifice and control.

The exciting thing about proper Intuitive Eating skills is that you get to a point where you're SO in tune with your body's cues (and you've undone all of the FALSE eating drivers) that you simply do NOT want the dessert.

This would sound too good to be true for my previous dessert obsessed self.

Think about it - if you don't want a carrot ALL of the time. Why would you want dessert all of the time ... WAIT - I know what you're thinking - "because the dessert tastes better than the carrot"...

Actually it doesn't when you're an intuitive eater. All foods become neutral or on the same playing (tasting) field. When your body is in need of a carrot - it's going to taste omgosh yum. When it's in need of a high energy chocolate item - dessert is going to taste divine.

Your body is capable of adapting your appetite and cravings according to your needs. Therefore despite having *permission* to have all the foods, anytime - you don't actually WANT all the foods all of the time. This is the true wisdom of your body finally shining through - effortlessly navigating you around food PROPERLY.

If you're anything like me you may have/had false hunger drivers clouding these wise signals from your body.

Drivers that create false hunger are:

Scarcity thoughts, emotional wiring to sooth with food, maladapted fullness cues, and life void (unfulfillment) cues, poor sleep, thirst, and stress.

To become the kind of person who does not want dessert all of the time, you need to get curious about what is causing you to want the dessert all of the time. Once you've identified which drivers are clouding your intuitive wisdom that is completely capable of guiding you properly around food (aka NOT wanting dessert all of the time) then you can set out a plan to unlearn, rewire and reconnect with your body's wisdom.

This means you'll have permission to have ALL foods anytime, but you WON'T WANT all the foods all of the time. True Food Freedom, because you have Freedom FROM Food.

Next week we're providing a FREE webinar on how to REACH YOUR NATURAL WEIGHT, WITHOUT DIETING, HEAL YOUR METABOLISM, BE FREE TO EAT WHAT YOU WANT - Register HERE Here we'll explain how allowing all foods with proper intuitive eating skills actually allows our bodies to heal and finally settle at our natural weights sustainably. We can't wait to see you there. Let us know if you have any questions below!

Watch our full discussion below:

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