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How to Raise Intuitive Eaters
Body Positive Kids

3 Part Course

Children are born with the ability to eat intuitively and grow in a way that is perfect for their body. However, it is when we interfere with that process that kids lose these skills, become picky eaters or seem to only want to eat sugary treats.

This 3 part course is designed to teach you how to feed your children in a way that preserves these intuitive eating skills as well as how to raise them to be accepting and positive about their bodies (which is so critical in our diet obsessed culture).

3 modules


How to feed your children so the can grow up to be intuitive eaters.

Learn what your role as a parent is and what role your child plays in choosing what to eat and how much to eat.

Learn what to do when your child is refusing to eat or is selective in the foods they eat.

Learn how to communicate with your child about what food are healthy and less healthy.


Learn how to make feeding your child fun and easy do that meal time struggles become a thing of the past.


How to build balanced meals and snacks for your child

Use the skills you learned in module 1 to optimize your child nutritional intake. 


How to talk to your child about their body, your body and others bodies. 

Children as young as 6 years old report that they a dissatisfied with their body. This is one of the biggest predictors of children starting diet.

This module will teach you how to talk to your child about their body to increase confidence and self-worth empowering them to stay away from the damaging world of diet culture. 

"This course has taken the stress away from feeding my daughter! She used to only eat chicken nuggets and fries most meals, now she is trying new foods and our meal times are much more enjoyable!"


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