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Food Freedom Course + Coaching Options
RECOVER your body from years of dieting
MASTER eating and feel 100% in control around all food
RECLAIM your health & feel happy, energized & healthy!

We are a supportive & caring community, for women who are ready to leave the stress & emotional turmoil of chronic dieting for a life of good food, joyful moments and lasting health!

Ready to start your journey to EAT ALL FOODS without guilt while achieving your dream health?

You have tried ALL the diets, nothing is working and you feel like you are broken.

You feel like you are addicted to carbs, sugar and treat foods.

Is This You?

You can't seem to stick to a plan and struggle to find enough willpower or disciple to stay on track.

You are tired of cutting out foods you like and want to feel healthy while eating foods you love.

In 6 months...

Feel confident around ALL foods by RE-PROGRAMMING your brain

to be 100% IN CONTROL around food.

Create a SELF-REGULATED appetite that will allow you to eat

ANY food without worry! 

Recover your metabolism from years of chronic dieting.

Master food & nutrition allowing you to eat in a way that creates your ideal health.

Find joy in doing what you LOVE without having to worry about food & your body.

Food & eating becomes effortless, fun & enjoyable!

Pass on a positive relationship with food & body onto your children!

Never feel the need to go an another diet ever again!

You don't want to miss out on this vibe!

Our Food Freedom Membership is about supporting you to live your most fun, joyful & fulfilling life by reclaiming the time & energy all those years of dieting have stolen from you. The vibe of the membership will make recovering your body & health enjoyable, supportive and EXCITING! 


Life beyond diets, calorie counting & body shaming is just around the corner....

With us you will:

  • Take daily action steps to recover your body & master food.

  • Enjoy foods that you LOVE in a way that makes you feel HEALTHY, AMAZING & ENERGIZED (no food shame allowed)!

  • Prioritize YOU. Building your dream life by maximizing your self-care, finding fulfilment and discovering joy.

  • Make your life easier & decreasing your stress with weekly MENU PLANNING & RECIPE SHARING dates!

  • Celebrate your victories and food mastery wins with celebration calls!

  • Make new friends who are also healing their relationship with food, in our weekly coaching sessions and community gatherings. 

  • Create inner peace, calmness & zen in our live yoga & meditation classes.

  • Cook together in our LIVE COOKING CLASSES!



We get YOU


We once felt addicted to carbs, sugar and treat foods. We over ate (even binged) daily.

We spent hours every day thinking about food & hating our bodies.


We thought we were broken.

Which is why we are sooo passionate about showing you life beyond dieting. What it's like to recover your body, master food and feel your damn best!

What if we told you that you could drop the weight. Not pounds per se— but the weight of all that shame, guilt, stress and self-rejection? 

            All the stuff that is
actually weighing you down.

Let face it, dieting and obsessing over your weight is lonely and miserable. 


We are over it. And you can be too!

What if we told you you could Recover your Body, Master Food & Reclaim your Health..

  • To be done with dieting FOREVER?

  • Feel energized, healthy & confident? 

  • Be in the moment, living your life, making all the memories with your family in the body you have right now?

  • Never look at a weigh scale again?

  • Create meals that you and your family actually enjoys with worry about calories?

  • Trust 100% that your self-regulated appetite will allow you to eat without worry?

  • Discover what joys you were missing out on in life and change your perceptive so that you are living each day the way YOU want?

  • Know exactly what your bod, mind & soul needs everyday to live the most vibrant life you can?

Dancing Women

We want you
to join the vibe!

To be a part of an exceptional group of women who are breaking the generational cycles of dieting and creating their own health that isn't defined by unrealistic beautify standards!

Hey! Nicky & Shayna here :)

We created this amazing program after working with women for over 20 years combined on achieving their nutrition & health goals (the right way)!

We met in University where we both studied Nutrition, became dietitans and then experts in Food Freedom! We have been on a mission ever since to help women stop dieting, control around food and unlock their true potential!

Here's How it Works:

You will receive access to our proven Food Freedom frame work that will support you in Recovering your body, Master food & Reclaim your health!

Our Proven 3 step method.png
It's MORE than just a nutrition program, it's a community, it's a vibe.

Your experience in the Membership will include:

  • Access to our self-paced 12 week Food Freedom Program: Total Transformation

  • A beautiful digital planner with our method fully integrated into it, daily action items as well journal prompts. (Option to purchase hard copy)

  • Weekly live coaching calls with both Nicky & Shayna to answer all your questions, provide you personalized support and celebrate your achievements (This is part of the upgraded group membership)

  • Guest speakers including sleep experts & body acceptance coaches

  • Live cooking classes: Fancy meals with Shayna | Quick and easy meals with Nicky

  • Weekly meal planning & recipe sharing sessions live on Mondays

  • Recorded yoga & meditations sessions

  • And a supportive community of women just like you!

Women with Sparklers

Women in our Membership are maximizing their health through health promoting behaviours, self compassion and finding joy. 

They are passionate, driven and motivated women who desire a life beyond dieting, food restriction and obsessing over thier weight.

If that is you and what you desire, 
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