Confetti Girl

We are so excited for you!

To ensure that the vibe of our membership community remains positive, upbeat and joyful we want to make sure the right people join, at the right time.

If you are self-lead, driven and ready for change, please fill out the application form below and we will review it to make sure you are a good fit!

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Are you willing to recover your health without focusing on weight loss?

We understand that you may have a desire for weight loss. Our goal is for you to recover your body, master food and recover your health at your body's natural weight. 

Are you ready to join the membership now for $2000 (CAD) in full? Or $750 per month 3 month payment plan?

This investment includes:

  • 12 Week self-paced course to heal your recover your body, master food and reclaim your health

  • A planner with our method sent right to your door

  • Weekly coaching calls with Nicky & Shayna

  • Guest Speakers

  • Weekly live menu planning

  • Live cooking classes

  • Yoga & meditation classes

  • A supportive community & friends for life

  • And so much more fun

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon.