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The Empowered Eating Method takes you from overthinking and restricting food to reconnecting with the intuitive ability of your body to lead you to true health.


No more rules. No more willpower.

100% empowerment & freedom.

Eat with Intention, Live with Purpose: Empowering Women to Redefine Healthy Living


I went out and bought a bunch of chocolate, well 3 very large chocolate bars for my habituation exercise (so terrifying).


I sat down and started to play the exercise and was in the full mind space that I was going to plough my way through these bars.


I got through two rows of one bar and that was it. I literally didn't want anymore.... I am sitting here with all this chocolate in front of me and don't want it. Lol what is going on? I am shocked. I was feeling very doubtful the last couple weeks. I have realized that this is going to be a tough process but the feeling I had today has been well worth it and I am feeling empowered to keep moving forward.


Seems like this is going to be a rollercoaster but like you both have said this is such a short period of time in terms of the big picture.


SHOCKED! Lol and super excited


So thank you, thank you” 


—  Client

founders of NS Nutrition

Nicky Bennett & Shayna Huang

Nicky and Shayna practiced as dietitians & nutrition experts for over 10 years where they have extensive experience helping women reconnect with the intuitive wisdom of their bodies to become empowered eaters.​

As moms themselves they believe together we will create a world absent of diet culture, one where we all know how to feed and nourish our bodies in all aspects of health, intuitively.





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